Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Verde Mesa, Old San Juan, Puerto Rico - http://www.verdemesa.com/

We dined at the restaurant Verde Mesa in Old San Juan tonight. This gem was suggested to me by a dear friend who is native to Puerto Rico. Verde Mesa is a charming, cozy, and authentic dining spot- situated right along the water down a narrow cobblestone street, serving the freshest ingredients available.

The menu is inventive, and there are loads of daily specials brought straight from the farmers market as well as the sea. For dinner we enjoyed the Bruschetta appetizer with Manchego Cheese & Mango, the Ratatouille with Chickpeas, and the Vegetable Rice Special. The service was friendly and attentive, and the ambiance was romantic; it felt almost French in style.

My aperitif cocktail was incredible...made up of freshly muddled Basil, Cucumber, Lemon, Vodka, and just a dash of Brown Sugar (not too sweet, as that is a pet peeve of mine).

They had a small sign out front that requested for no photos to be taken...so no photos...apologies.

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