Friday, February 5, 2016

I love rainy days in Paris...

Happy New Year!!!!

Chi town view

Lake Michigan right now

When it's cold outside...

Eggs in Purgatory

I'm If you need a quick and easy weeknight meal that is both nutritious and delicious look no further! This requires practically zero recipe or prep work. Sauté a dollop of olive oil, 2-3 cloves of sliced garlic and a small diced onion, add some tomato sauce ( I recommend San Marzano chopped tomatoes) add any fresh or dried Italian herbs you have on hand. Bring everything to a simmer or a slow boil and crack in 2-3 eggs and allow them to poach in the lovely sauce. I like to make buttered sourdough toast for dipping, however pita bread and Hallah bread are really nice with this simple meal. Burn appetito!