Saturday, October 4, 2014

Full English Breakfast

This "fry up" or "full Monty" meal pretty much speaks for itself. I like to have it as an indulgent dinner on a chilly night. Traditionally in the UK and Ireland it is of course served at breakfast, usually consisting of bacon, eggs, and sausages...and tea! The beans in my opinion really are the anchor to the meal, and if you can find them, canned (and of course heated) Heinz beans are the real deal. Eggs can be scrambled or fried. Broil some nice tomatoes (I added Parmesan & herbs) because they really do add some much needed acidity and juicy sweetness to this dish. I sautéed mushrooms which are definitely optional, but my husband loves them so they were a great touch. Season everything to taste with salt & pepper. Whatever you choose to include, have fun with the process. Cheers! 

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