Sunday, November 16, 2014

Ma Petite Kitchenette en Paris

It's such a treat to travel where there's glorious fresh produce and well- made food with the best restaurants. Sundays in Paris are quiet and most things are closed. Tonight it has been pouring rain and quite chilly. We wandered to the tiny corner store by our "gite" in search of something we could whip up for dinner in our kitchenette. C'est magnifique! When on a rainy chilly night, instead of venturing out to a restaurant, I can still cook! We had very little left in our refrigerator, and the store was tiny, but I pulled together a lovely Potato Broccoli Leek Soup. Butter, olive oil, diced leeks, diced potatoes, and a lovely pre-made broccoli purée. And guess what? In Paris you can find prepared Croques Monsieurs! Just toss into a skillet e voila! A cozy rainy night meal. With great red wine to boot. Bon Appetit! 

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